Major Achievements

S.No Issues Results achieved
1 Joined dropout children in schools 436 drop out children are joined in schools by taken up the special camps on education at Bollapalli mandal, Guntur.
2 Special camps at schools and colleges Sensitised 2500 children at 28 schools in Guntur and Prakasam districts. Created awareness among goal setting, how to achieve goals, mental stability and future oppurtunities.
3 SHGs formation and Bank linkages 45 Yanadi groups formation and 2 cooperative societies registered
4 Financial inclusion activities Mobilized and 2345 PMJDY accounts opened,1250 PMSBY, 940 PMJBY and 1860 APY taken by
5 Financial literacy to School children Sensitised 5000 + children at 125 schools in Guntur, West Godavari and East Godavari districts. Created awareness among savings concept, Bank accounts opening, bank transactions, Digital transactions and cash less transactions.
6 Promotion of farmers clubs 10 farmers clubs promoted and bank accounts opened. Development activities have been taken up by farmers clubs.
7 Promotion of Farmer Producer Organisation Initiated the promotion of FPO on dairy activity with 50 members.
8 MEDP trainings Completed MEDP skill trainings for 250 members with the support of NABARD and provided bank linkages.