» To educate the youth and women, through literacy awareness programs, cultural activities, inter village sports and to organize them into society for the purpose of undertaking development action.

» To undertake activities and developmental schemes of Government and Quasi Government and Local Government Bodies for the overall development of poor

» To take up Thrift and Credit Programs for the rural women to create a habit of savings from their earnings.

» To promote self-help economic development projects including agricultural and irrigation projects for improving food production and to help small and marginal formers, rural artisans and A.G.Labourers by providing them integrated services and facilities for increasing employment.

» To educate and provide technical assistance for improved agricultural methods and promote modern farming methods.

» To provide educational and vocational training to promote self employment.

» To provide awareness programs on Natural resources management ,Agricultural developments & HIV/AIDS for school children’s & PLHS

» To assist the rural farmers to maintain the sustainable agriculture techniques of farming.

» To undertake projects related to Integrated Natural Resources Management.